About Us!

We know it can be difficult to find a unique card that your loved one will want to keep. 

You know they'll love the thoughtful message from you, but you also know what they're thinking: What am I going to do with this card now? (Why? Because you feel the same way, too).

  • Should I save it (but for what)?  
  • Do I recycle it (at least I can help save the environment, right)?
  • Hmm, I’ll keep it here on the table and figure it out later (As if on cue: piles up for over a month and now I’m frustrated)
  • Ugh, but if I throw it away I’ll feel so bad.

We want to make sure you can still send your thoughtful messages without your loved one feeling guilty about what happens to the card afterwards.

That's why we created 

With an easy perforation in the spine of our greeting card fold, we created the first card you can buy that gives your loved ones the option to display the card as art OR send it as a postcard to someone else. Don’t worry, they can also keep the right side of the card with your message.

With this one card, YOU:

- Can make a loved one smile and warm their heart with your thoughtful message

- Can bring a smile to an anonymous patient in a hospital or nursing home right now (see our Giving Back page)

- Can share the gift of photography 

- Can feel good about staying connected, building community and paying it forward!

So what'cha waiting for?

Give your loved ones something they can cherish. Take a look at our current collection and let us know if you're looking for something specific. We'd love to hear from you!